Who We Are

Paul Gross founded Albright Paper & Box in 1947 shortly after serving in the Central Pacific during WWII. Before the war, Paul, whose mother raised him while working in a hat factory during the Great Depression, had earned his Bachelors Degree in Accounting at the University of Pennsylvania by working during the day and attending the university at night.

Initially, Paul founded Albright Paper & Box Corporation as a wholesaler of paper products and shipping materials in partnership with Philadelphia-based Sidco Paper Company.In 1977, his son, Gary Gross, came on board.

Gary helped develop the company into a manufacturer of folding paperboard boxes.In 2003, Gary reshaped Albright Paper & Box Corporation by selling its manufacturing assets to re-emerge as a multi-faceted corporation offering services as a broker, wholesaler and manufacturer’s representative in the packing industry.

Paperboard Box Manufacturer | Albright Paper & Box Co.

Why Albright Paper & Box Co.

I like to think that Albright offers you an easy solution for your paperboard packaging needs. Albright assists the customer in finding solutions to their packaging needs. You are prepared to part with hard earned cash for a packaging solution that is of commensurate value to you. In my mind we need to propose the correct packaging that would provide great value to you and to suggest how Albright would accomplish this.

First of all why would I assume Albright can offer you a potentially “easy” solution? I base this assumption on several points. One, Albright has considerable knowledge and experience providing packaging solutions especially when using paperboard as a substrate. Albright will suggest solutions, that to the best of our knowledge, would work well for you, and provide those solutions that assures quality at a price that works for you.

Albright’s first step in the process is to listen to you to help you define what it is you want. Tell us what you are trying to accomplish and we’ll offer suggestions for your consideration. If we don’t think we have the products you will want, we will suggest to you where you might be able to get those products. At the end of the process it is your decision as to how to proceed. The evaluation and suggestions are free of charge with the intention to “make it easy” for you to determine what you want. After all, at the end of the day, it is your decision. Our efforts bear no fruit unless they are ideas that you find worth purchasing. So we are highly motivated, if possible, to make it easy for you to find what you determine to be in your best interest.

Basic information such as what it is you are packaging, what you want the packaging to accomplish, and how many boxes you are envisioning, are of use to us to help evaluation so we can offer solutions of interest to you. From that small amount of information we can begin a dialogue with you and offer suggestions that we think are applicable and of interest to you. We have the knowledge as to how to get you what you want with both quality assured and at a price that makes sense to you. We work under the assumption that cost has to conform to your budget and be acceptable to you based on both market and or other alternatives.

Albright is able to provide the product to you based on ability to knowledgeably coordinate the manufacture of your package by subcontracting the various processes, and or, acting as a manufacturer’s representative in which case you would be billed directly by that manufacturer.

Bottom line, I make it easy for you by providing insight and a means to turn those ideas into concrete reality.

– Gary Gross, Owner