FDA-Approved Packaging and Corresponding FDA-Approved Ink

Use of Non-toxic printing ink that is FDA-approved for packaging and USDA-approved for packaging for direct, indirect, and minimal contact with food, allergenicity, hypersensitivity, and other national regulatory agency requirements is available through Albright Paper & Box. Albright Paper & Box can provide printing with ink that is guaranteed, in writing, for applications where the dried ink film will contact food. The ink used for this purpose comes from the same company that provides the pigmentation for pills taken orally. These inks are used for Food and Confectionary packaging, Novelty packaging, and Medial/Pharmaceutical packaging. They are well-suited for patient-package-inserts.Paperboard boxes sometimes require FDA-approved packaging and corresponding FDA-approved ink when the packaging or box will be in direct contact with food.

FDA-approved inks for paperboard boxes are edible. The FDA-approved ink are often made with a soy oil base or other plant oil base. We can get customers access to the FDA Drug Master File with specific references and listing from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 21. We can also provide inks with anti-microbial protection of AgION Silver Ion Technology that can prolong shelf life and maintain safety. This ink is manufactured in a dedicated facility to avoid cross-contamination.

The FDA approves ingredients not specific products. These chemicals are placed on a GRAS list (Generally Recognized As Safe). As such, Albright Paper & Box finds inks to print your packaging product. Not only inks for boxes that are produced with approved ingredients but inks for boxes that are specific for use with the type of food that your package might come into contact with. FDA approved inks are made with the same type of pigments used to give pills color.

Another scenario to consider is the use of a barrier between the food and the ink. This could incorporate the use of a separate package such as a bag or it could be a coating applied on the package between the food and the printing such as a laminate or a coating.

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Metal Foil

Sometimes metal foil will be stamped onto a paperboard box to make the graphics more noticeable. Usually, a gold or silver foil. In addition, the box can be embossed for added effect. Also there are paperboards that have foil and or holographic films laminated to them.  These paperboards can also be enhanced with printed graphics.

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